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Great food is like a universal connector. It makes us happy, full and represents pieces of who we are. That connectivity and creative freedom are what fuels my passion as a private chef.  As your Luxury Concierge Chef, I work with brands, public figures, families and busy entrepreneurs to find clean, holistic meal solutions to their everyday needs. Whether you're looking to have a lavish in home celebration, wedding, corporate event or curated food concierge plan delivered to you weekly I am glad to be of service.   


I Understand The Value Of Your Time

As a curator of luxury in home dining experiences I understand the the need to be in the moment with your family and friends. Too often when entertaining we got left out of so many moments because we are hosting instead of enjoying the precious time we have with our loved ones. That's where my service comes in. I remove the hassle out of executing your experience. 

When you make the decision to hire me, my team and I ensure that your time is spent engaged making memories and living in the moment.  


We provide full service luxury in home dining experiences. That means that you don't have to provide anything. I provide a custom tablescape (florals, candles, menu cards, chargers, dinnerware) done to your personal aesthetic. In additional to your curated menu with wine and craft cocktails pairings. 


The mission is to carve out a space where you can emerge yourself in the present moment while indulging in amazing cuisine surrounded by loved ones.

I Cherish

Your Health

As a private chef, I make delicious and nutritious meals for people from various walks of life.  My clients range from pro athletes, executives and doctors to those with serious medical conditions seeking help getting on track. No matter the reason I have found that they have one common desire and goal.  That's to live healthier lives regardless of our personal health and wellness practices. I understand that life is busy but that doesn't mean sacrificing their health in the process. Many large companies that offer meal delivery services don't have the flexibility to curate individualistic menus like I do. 

 I understand the value of fresh, real foods. I believe in nourishing the body with organic, whole ingredients that taste like what they actually are. Simple, good-for-you foods improve your health from the inside out, allowing you to perform better in every facet of your life. With those principles in mind, I create meals that give you the fuel to conquer the day, no matter what you’re doing.

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Notable Clients

Through my love of food I have gotten the opportunity to work with amazingly notable clients:

  • Patti LaBelle, Singer, Actress, Icon

  • Sadie Sink, Actress, Fashion Model

  • Pro Bowler Ryan Shazier

  • Pro BowlerJoe Haden

  • Alvin "Bud" Dupree

  • JJ Wilcox,  Atlanta Falcons

  • Javon Hargrave

  •  Pro Bowler Le'veon Bell

  • Sony Entertainment, Black Music Month 

I Understand Your Health & Wellness Needs

I know that not everyone can (or wants to) eat the same foods. That’s why I create a custom menu for every one of my clients. This isn’t a run of the mill meal de delivery company where everyone gets the same old tired chicken brown rice and sautéed green beans. With me you get a 100% unique dining experience. I take your likes and dislikes, as well as any dietary restrictions, into account with every meal I plan, whether large or small. Available meal plans include:



Vegetarian & Vegan

Low Sugar

High Protein


Hire Chef Jae

Whether you’re planning a special event or just need help with a family dinner, prepping and cooking can take an enormous amount of time. Meal planning, grocery shopping, and food prep can take hours – especially if you have a special diet. My clients don’t have the time to search for recipes, research ingredients, and sweat over the stove. By hiring me, they can more fully concentrate on the things they really love.
I enjoy helping people live happier, healthier lives. You can be sure that when I walk into your home, you are going to get a wholesome home-cooked meal prepared with love.
Contact me today to find out how I can help you live your best life.

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